Display Users Who Liked Your Post In Wapka Forum Sites

This days most wapka wapmasters are getting advanced with javascripts and many new features are being established this days on wapka.

I have decided to share this little knowledge with you all. Lets start.

► 1. Create (2) new page.., let just say A and B.., note their I.D

► 2. Add this to your Top Autocontent for Forum.

- change A.., to site I.D of your site A.

► 3. Then add this codes In Style Of Messages In Forum..,Thank Button

Displayed The List

► 4. Then past in site A.

- Change B to site I.D of your site B.

► 5. Then put this in site B.

► 6. For the last code...add this to Bottom Autocontent for Forum

Change Trickspaid.com to your own site URL After That you are done..!!

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