Trick to Upload Large File More than 5Mb on MyWapBlog

MywapBlog only allows a maximum file upload 5MB (megabytes). So Here we are How to Upload File larger than 5Mb on Mywapblog

Follow Below steps

  • Goto http://www.mywapblog.com/new_ upload_ file.php?
  • After that change the address without moving the page URL, type like this server: source in the address bar and click.
  • You will get Something like PHPSESSID See this example: name = "PHPSESSID" value = "4017f21b2e0c737da79f74d495a47eb8". Then copy the code that already I make bold.
  • Now again Goto www.mywapblog.com/new_upload_file.php? then write this code? action = upload & method = post & MAX_FILE_ SIZE = 5242880 & PHPSESSID = 4017f21b2e0c737da79f74d495a47eb8 & file = C: / Video / Naruto shipudden.3gp & upload = Upload & resize = XLarge

    * Description: 5242880 is the size of a file can be transformed into at will you eg 2658545852 - 4017f21b2e0c737da79f74d495a47eb8 is the code that must be replaced with code that you got.

    After all first copy the code and paste in the address field, DONE . But I think it was not too effective manner. I myself have not even tried the above manner because I always send files via email, it is more effective. If you wish to send the file via email you need to have a gmail account.

    Follow below steps to Upload Large file on Mywapblog By Email

    1. Go to page upload files, then select the option to upload via email
    2. Later you will be given a secret code, copy the secret code
    3. Then open a new tab and go to the gmail account
    4. If it's a mobile version of the URL will be like this https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/x/****no221cdt-/?
    5. Then replace the letter "x" with "h" and click.
    6. You will be taken to gmail HTML mode, this is where you will create mail delivery
    7. Create a message with the click "Compose mail"
    8. In the form of changing write like this to write such as
    9. TO -upload@mywapblog.com
    10. Let cc and BC be empty
    11. In the subject field enter the secret code …
    12. Now Selecte File and in blank Writ "Upload"…
    13. Then submit, wait a few minutes, maybe a little longer.
    14. Oh yes maximum possible size of only 25MB for delivery

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