Easy Transfer-Transfer Files Over WiFi( Window PC or Lumia Phone)

Want to transfer some files from your Windows Phone quickly? Bluetooth would take so much time and using a data cable is again an annoying task. The best method of sharing files is sharing over Wi-Fi as it is fast and completely wireless. And you don't need to wait longer for sharing big files or look for data cables here and there. Using this tiny app called Easy Transfer, you can easily share your files from Windows Phone over a Wi-Fi network.

File WiFi

Transfer File Over WiFi

To share any file from your phone, you need to connect your phone and the other device to the same Wi-Fi network, if such a situation is not possible, then you can turn on the internet sharing of your phone and connect the other device to it.

Easy Transfer App for Windows

Easy Transfer let you easily upload or download pictures ,musics,videos and files over wifi. However,it is not all, it even can play your music and video in your browser.

Feature of Easy Transfer App

1.Transfer files just by WiFi and browser,no USB cable,no any other software.

2.Transfer photos,music,videos and files between kinds of devices over WiFi,it even support iPad, Mac and android devices.

3.Play music and video directly in your browser (mp3 and mp4),no longer limited to the small screen of mobile phone.

4.You can download multiple files at once, Easy Transfer will automatically help you pack into a compressed file.

File Type Supported by Easy Transfer App

(1) system: xap

(2) image: jpg,png,gif,bmp

(3) music: mp3,amr

(4) video:mp4,mkv,wmv,avi

(5) archiver:zip,rar,7z

(6) document:docx,xlsx,pptx,txt,pdf,epub

2.For the file formats which can not support,when upload will automatically add the suffix ".RemoveThisSuffix.mkv", and you can rename it with file manager. e.g,a file named"001.xyz"; when upload ,it be will automatically saved as"001.xyz.RemoveThisSuffix.mkv",and than you can rename it to"001.xyz" with file manager; when download,you should rename it to"001.xyz.mkv",and than download it , rename it to"001.xyz" with the file manager of other devices.