Best and Simple Trick to solve Jio Slow Speed Problem October 2016

Welcome to all our jio users.
Jio has done a stormy launch for all the internet users in india.
Jio users are using 13 million GB of data per month at an average of 19.2 GB per user, according to company data.

According to ndtv official data,
Jio is adding appx. 70 lakh users every month that is 532 times faster rate than airtel

Its main effect can be seen with Jio speed.

Now a days,
Jio speed has became very poor.
That's why i am going to tell you a trick to increase your downloading speed.
Lets discuss it step by step.

1-> Go to settings 》More Network settings 》Access point Name [Apn] 》Jionet 》Scroll down to Apn Protocol 》 Change it to Ipv4/Ipv6  》 Scroll down to Apn Roaming Protocol and change it to Ipv4/Ipv6

As shown in this screenshot

2. Save changes and restart phone.

This was a procedure to improve your browsing speed.

To Improve your Downloading speed 

2 -> You need to download Advanced Download Manager Pro (ADM pro)

You can buy it from


( cost 1.99 $ )

But i have cracked this app for you.

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3 -> Now install this app and download any file through it.
It gives you maximum speed that is possible.