3 Methods to Solve Google Play Store Error 194

Play Store Error 194

Reason and Solution for Google Play Store Error 194

We are not here to simply discuss the reasons, We are literally gonna walk you through all possible Way to the solution. but i think you should know the reason too . Here are few Reasons because of Which you are getting this Error in your Android phone.

1.Play Store Cache.

2.Your network Connection.

3.Recent update to Play Store.

May be possible that which problem you are facing have more reasons but above 3 are the most common reasons. Solutions to get rid of Error Code 194 in Play Store.

3’Ways To Fix Error 194 while downloading apps From Google play store.

Method 1 to solve Google Play Store Error 194

Clearing cache clearing cache is the most common way to fix Errors 194. In this you have to do clear cache data of Google play store App and Google Play Services. This will solve the issue.

  1. To Clear the Cache data from your phone,simply navigate to
  2. Settings>Apps/Manage Apps> Google Play Store >Clear Cache and Data.
  3. Do the same for Google play services and Google play Framework

If you Complete above process after that error 194 is not resolve than you should move to below method.

Method 2 to Solve Play store Error 194

Uninstall Play Store updates when you update any app or download app Play store updates itself whenever an update is available. So due to recently play store updated, many times it conflicts with apps and you get this and other kinds of errors. So here is a trick that[b[ Uninstall Play Store updates. want to know how? check below

  1. Go to Settings > Apps > Google Play store>Uninstall updates(Tap on the button that says uninstall updates)
  2. Reboot your phone
  3. That’s it.

Now Try to download the same app which was saying Error Code 194.or try below method.

Method 3 to Solve Google Play store Error

Remove Google Account May be possible in your mobile problem with your Google account which is causing this error on your phone. So now we will do this Method and we will try to Remove the account and add it again to see problem resolve or not

  1. Go to settings>Accounts> Tab on your Google account and remove.
  2. Reboot your phone now
  3. Again Go to settings>Accounts>Add your account again and see if this solves the issue.
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