Aircel Unlimited Call and 3G Internet Data on Independence Day (Azaadi Offer)

Aircel ka Azaadi Offer : activate and get unlimited voice calling to any network and unlimited 3g internet data usage [browsing + downloading] on independence day

Aircel Unlimited Free Internet

Hi, Aircel providing a very special offer named ‘ Aircel Ka Azaadi offer’ on Independence day to their all customers. With ‘Aircel ka Azaadi offer’ Aircel users can enjoy unlimited calling and unlimited 3g internet data browsing & downloading on Independence day. This offer is valid only on august 15 – Indian Independence day. Aircel celebrating this independence day with their users by this Aircel ka azaadi offer. If you are an Aircel customer and looking for special offers then continue reading this article. You will get full details of Aircel unlimited internet data & calling offer in this article.

What is Aircel Ka Azaadi Offer-

Aircel ki azaadi offer is a special offer that Aircel providing on independence day. According to Aircel press release, they are defining azaadi offer as: ” Aircel removing the cost barrier for their services on independence day” . Yeah, it is correct, with azaadi offer they are offering unlimited free calls and unlimited free internet data on independence day.

In other words, we can define the azaadi offer as: Unlimited voice calling to any network + Unlimited downloading and browsing + Unlimited live video streaming + Unlimited gaming for just rs 123 on Independence day [ only for 1 day ]


How to activate Aircel ka azaadi offer ? How to get unlimited free calling and unlimited free internet data on Aircel-

You need to recharge with a special recharge of Rs 123 to activate Aircel ki azaadi offer. that is, recharge with rs 123 and get unlimited free calling to any network and free internet data on independence day.

To know full details of Aircel ki azaadi offer, or have any doubts then call to Aircel customer care : 198 [toll-free] or 9841012345

More Tricks For You-

This is good chance to avail free unlimited internet + calling o your Aircel sim. enjoy 70th Independence day with Aircel ka azaadi offer. Enjoy unlimited services [ calling + internet browsing and downloading] on Independence day. This offer is announced by Aircel 3 days before the independence day, there are lot more offers are coming since this independence day is special for all indian network. yes, Jio effect. due to reliance jio launch, all telecom networks need to keep their customers. So guys wait for more amazing offer. Anyway, Aircel users, now celebrate this independence day with Aircel ka azaadi offer. Do maximum calls and data usage. Wish you an advanced happy independence day from

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