Airtel Digital Tv Set Top Box STB Errors and Solution

Airtel Digital TV Error and Solution

Airtel Digital TV

  1. No picture, No Sound and No front panel display

    Set-Top box is not plugged into the mains or is not switched on. Check mains connections. Press ON/OFF button on the front of the STB.

  2. No Picture, No Sound but the front panel shows the display.

    The receiver is on Standby. Press on the power button on the Remote control to bring the Set-Top box out of standby.

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  3. No Picture, No Sound but the indication on the front panel of the Set-Top box is correct

    1. You are watching TV through your cable operator, Aerial connection or VCD, DVD player.

    2. The AV connection are wrong.

    3. The connections are right, but the TV is not connected up to external AV source [AV1, AV2 or DVD]

    4. The cable connections are may be faulty [damaged, broken] or missing

    1. Press the AV button on your remote.

    2. Check the AV connection in the STB.

    3. Check the TV’s AV connection.

    4.Check all your connection and consult or call us.

  4. Irregular or bad reception

    Problem with cable connections. [damaged, broken connection or wires]

    1.Check all the connections and cables.

    2. Contact customer service.

  5. A blank screen comes when you choose some services.

    You are watching a encrypted service or program

    1. Choose another service or program

    2. Contact customer service

  6. The remote works with the TV & not with my STB.

    1.You need to reset your remote control.

    1.Press STB on your remote control to control your STB

    2.Refer this guide to program your remote

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  7. The remote control does not operate.

    1.Your STB may be off.

    2. There are no batteries or the batteries may have become flat.

    Make sure you point your remote directly towards your STB and nothing is between the two.

    The remote command light on your STB and on your remote control should flash each time you press a remote key. If neither light flashes, check batteries in you remote and if your STB is plugged to mains.

  8. I have forgotten my PIN

    Call customer care to have your PIN reset I cannot close the electronic programme guide Press exit key on remote.

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Error messages on screen of Airtel Digital TV:

  1. Insert your View card

    There is no View card in the card slot of your STB Insert or reinsert your viewing card.

    The card holds all the information your STB needs to know about your subscription

  2. There is a problem with your View card

    Your STB cannot recognize your View card Check if your View card is right way up and not damaged.

  3. This program has already started

    The program has already started and you can’t buy it now. Check the listing to find when you can buy it next.

  4. No satellite signal is being received

    Your STB is not receiving a satellite signal Check the cables from your satellite dish are correctly plugged to your STB

  5. A yellow envelope blinks on screen

    You have received a new message from Airtel Press the yellow key on remote to read the message

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  6. This channel is blocked

    Your current subscription does not include this channel Add a top-up or upgrade your package.

    To add a top-up simply SMS Add to 54325. To upgrade your package call Customer Care.

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