How To Backup Your Wapka Site

In this tutorial you will learn about wapka backup
system.. Backup system helps you to get your
accidently deleted data in one click.. You will not lose
your data now on.. Suppose, a moderator deletes your
data and now what you will do?? Yes, you need to


How do we backup? Well answer is very simple that
you do not need to backup manually wapka system do
it for you automatically at a fixed time if there are
some changes otherwise it will not backup for that

How To Backup Your Wapka Site:

1. login to your free wapka account

2. Goto Tools

3. Click Backups

4. Now this site you will see the available backups..

5. Click your needed backup, i.e. the most recent date

6. Now mark Items and Settings

7. Press Restore backup

8. In next step you will be asked “Are you sure, that
you want to restore your site? All changes newer than
BACKUP_DATE_HERE will be lost!” click “Yes,

This way you can backup your items and settings very

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