How to Create Invisible Name on Facebook

Recently in the end of 2015, a new fashion is being progressed among Facebook users that they are making joy of Invisible names at their Facebook account. It is not officially a feature of Facebook but some how some one discovered it and after people are making the use of it.

Facebook Invisible Name

If you search on Google you will find hundred’s of different methods to do it. We try many, but this works for us is:

Follow the Steps to Create Invisible Name on Facebook

STEP 1: Open Facebook profile and then go to Settings & privacy > General Settings and then click on Edit.

STEP 2: Copy and paste the below code into the First name and Last Name.

[][][][] [][][]

STEP 3: Enter your Facebook password and save it

That’s it.

Please Consider: Some Devices may show your name in completely strange manner instead of Hidding Your Facebook Username

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