How to Crush or Hack Whatsapp Account

Hello Friends, Do You want to close your friends/enemies Whatsapp account ? you can now crash any Whatsapp messenger account easily… Dont know is it possible in whatsapp web .

Hack Whatsapp

Steps to Hack or Crash Whatsapp Account: 

*.Download Bluestacks in your pc – Download

*.Now Install It And Open, Signup Your Bluestacks Account.

*.Download Whatsapp Plus Mod.Apk AndInstall It.[important]

*.Now Create New Whatsapp Account With New Mobile Number .

*.Add The Person {Person You Want to close the Whatsapp}

*.Now Refresh Your Whatsapp contacts, and add the victim in Whatsapp.

*.Create New Message With 3000 Smiley’s in Whatsapp and send it.

*.Now victim Whatsapp will crashed successfully,

*.when he trying to open his whatsapp, It SaysUnfortunately Whatsapp Has Stopped.


*.For type 3000 Smiley’s faster, just type 20 Smiley’s and select all by Ctrl+a and paste in under 20 Smiley’s.

*.now again copy the whole smileys and paste it on chatbox. follow it again and again.

*.Only Try with above whatsapp plus mod,otherwise when you crossing at typing 1500-2000 smileys, your Whatsapp gonna hang.

*.so, only try with above whatsapp plus mod.

*.this method is absolutely 100% working fine..

don’t use it for illegal Purposes.

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