How to Increase your WiFi Speed by Killing Others WiFi Connection

We Have Already Shared Many Methods To Hack Wi-Fi Password In Android Devices (For Rooted & Non Rooted Device) Now We Are Back With A Trick That Increases Your Wifi Speed.

You need to Root your phone to perform the following steps.

You also need an app named “WifiKill” The pro version of the app requires to pay some amount but as always we are giving it for free exclusively to our Trickspaid visitors.

How to Increase your WiFi Speed by Killing Others WiFi Connection

You can Download it From Here

Here Is The Steps To Increase WiFi Speed

• Open WifiKill App

• Click on the play icon present at the top of the screen.

There you see A list of devices connected on the same WiFi networks as of yours will show up containing their IP address and Mac address excluding yours.

Kill WiFi

• Select any of the IP addresses from the list

Increase WiFi Speed

• Click On Grab

Then A message of attaching the IP address will pop up

WiFi IP address

• A pop of killing the IP address will appear. And then that device will no longer be able to use the WiFi network till you are connected or you unkill them.


The good part is that the killed device will not be disconnected and the person using that device won’t have any idea about you shutting him down. That’s it.

By shutting everyone’s else connection down Then Your wifi speed will automatically increase.

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