How to Protect Your Eye While Using Smartphone

Strain Blue light from your smartphone or tablet causes strain on your eyes and keeps you from falling asleep at night.

Blue light Filter eye protect

Here is an app adjusts your screen color to reduce the Blue light and helps your eyes to relax, making it easier for you to fall asleep.

How to Protect Your Eye While Using Smartphone

☆ Features Of this app

▽ Free Screen Filter App to Protect Your EyesYou can reduce the strain on your eyes easily.It’s simple but effective!All you have to do is launch this app.

▽ Screen Filter with Natural Color .This app filter has a natural color so you can read news, emails and websites clearly. This app doesn’t dim the screen but adjusts the screen color to reduce blue light which causes strain on your eyes.

▽ Easy Operation It’s easy to turn on or off with just one tap. You can adjust the opacity of the filter. Choose between 5 different filter colors.

▽ Turn On or Off Quickly and Easily You can choose to show or hide a filter icon in the status bar, making it easy to tweak the settings at any time.

▽ Startup Automatically You can choose whether or not the filter launches on startup.

Download Blue Light Filter App

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