How To Remove Prisma Watermark logo from Edited Photo

Prisma and Pokemon Go was the trending topics of last week. And Official Prisma Photo Filer app apk is now available for Android phones. The company released the first beta app for Android. But now no need to download beta version or sign up for beta because the official app is finally here. We share a download link of Prisma app and a way to remove Prisma logo watermark from your Photos from below.

Prisma is a popular app which creates beautiful artistic images. But Prisma app watermark takes away the beauty of the pics. These watermarks from Prisma app can easily be disabled or removed. You don’t need any extra app or trick to remove watermark from Prisma app. There is an inbuilt option in settings to Disable Prisma Watermark.


Steps To Remove Prisma Logo Watermark-

  • If you not already installed the app then, you can Download it from here .
  • Open the Prisma App. In the main screen (Home screen), You can see the setting icon.
  • Now click on the settings icon and Uncheck the Add Watermark.
  • Now Press the back button to return to the main screen.
  • Done, Enjoy the Prisma App with Watermarks or Prisma logo.

Hope Now You have finally learn how to Remove the watermark logo from your photo which you have edited with prisma app.

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Remove Prisma Watermark From Prisma Photos, How To Disable Prisma Watermark In Prisma Photo Editor Android

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