How to Solve Hanging Problem on Android Smartphone and Windows Phone

How to Solve Hang Problem on Android Smartphone and Windows Phone

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Many Android Users Are Facing Hanging Issue in Their Device. So Here is An Tips About How to solve Hanging Problem in Android device The hanging or lag performing Smartphone sometime irritates the user; especially android users face this problem. Now we are Sharing some simple practical tips to reduce the hang in phone.

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How to Solve Hang Problem on Android Smartphone and Windows Phone

Tips To Solve Hanging Problem In Android Devices and Window:-

  • Restart Phone- Restart or switching off your mobile for few minutes is the simplest way to solve hanging problem and smooth working. It is advisable to switch off your mobile for some time in every 24-36 hour.

  • Don’t use Mobile when it is Overheated- Using WiFi or other powerful features sometime may cause overheating in the phone; using overheated Mobile is not good for phone as well as your health so try to avoid the habit of using your phone in such condition because it makes CPU processing slower.

  • Removing Unnecessary Applications from Your Device- Unnecessary applications in mobile phone causes load in the RAM, ROM and CPU. So find the apps in your phone which are not used by you and uninstall them one by one. You can also remove thesystem or default apps after Rooting your phone.

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  • Use Task Manager- Use task manager application can enhance mobile speed andkill the non functioning app.There are many good Task manager such as Advanced TaskManager – Killer, ES Task Manager(Task Killer), Clean Master etc.

  • Root the phone- It is observed that a rooted handset works bit Faster than the non rooted mobile, So it’s worth to root you phone, A rooted mobile means you can access the system application of your phone.

  • Easily Avoid the attraction of Application- Live Wallpapers, Launcher and Themes looks good in your Smartphone screen and everyone attract to them, but they also consume good amount of CPU power and makes your phone slower or hanged. so try to avoid such Application if your phone is hanging.

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  • Proper exit of Application- Generally people do not exit a game or application properly after using them. It makes the Application running in background so from next time exit an app properly.

  • Make free Space in Internal Memory- If you have data loaded in your mobiles internal memory it will take more time to scan your data for updating gallery, mp3 player etc. So Try to make internal memory less loaded and more free.

  • Move your most of datain External SD Card.Apps Move to Memory card- Move the application in External memory enhances the processing of phone, So it is better to move all movable apps in External memory.

  • Restore Data factory setting- If from above none of the tip works save your all data, contacts,and files and reset your mobile phone by the Restore factory setting.

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