How to Stop Auto Play Of Facebook Video

Facebook has added a new feature recently for videos uploaded in Facebook called Auto-Play. Any one’s video shows in your Facebook account, that video plays automatically and stops when you scroll down or up. Sometimes playing video automatically is annoying and also it plays video automatically even you are not interested to watch. Another drawback of this feature is, it will eat your internet data as these videos start streaming automatically.

As I think watching videos should be on everyone’s interest and should not be forced to watch. Thanks God Facebook has given feature to change the Auto- Play settings to stop this feature. If you are also not interested in Auto-Play of videos in your Facebook, you can follow the steps given below to stop this feature.

How To Stop Auto play Videos On Facebook

Go to Settings page in your Facebook account.

Facebook Setting Page

On Settings page click on Videos option.

Facebook Video Setting

On Video Settings page change the Auto- Play Videos Off from Default.

Stop Auto Play Video Facebook

Once Auto-Play Videos set to Off mode, you are done with settings and now you will not be able to see Auto-Play of the videos added on Facebook.

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