How To Use Hammer VPN On Android

We all like using free internet but of us don’t Know how to configure to use free net. So Today We are here with a New Hammer VPN Trick to Browse and Download For Free with your Airtel Sim.

Hammer VPN its just like other like Droid VPN, Tunnel ….etc , it work base on some Open Ports or TCP. In order to Use free net on airtel Sim with this Hammer VPN , You will need open port or working TCP in your State. So Follow the steps below to Setup Hammer VPN on your Android Phone.

Hammer VPN Airtel

Steps To Use Hammer VPN on Android with Airtel Sim –

  1. First Download Hammer VPN
  2. Now Dial *567# And Activate Any Facebook Pack.
  3. Now Install Hammer Vpn And Open.
  4. No need any registration to use hammer vpn.
  5. Now select Server2 on hammer VPN.
  6. And Set the following details on hammer VPN to Enjoy unlimited free 3g internet on airtel sim
  7. Rport – 53 & Lport – 0 and select UDP [at last] {working in many states with 0 balance} OR
  8. Rport – 53 & Lport – 33019 and select UDP [at last] {working in many states} OR
  9. Rport – 53 and Lport – 0,49201,49202 and select UDP [at last] {working without facebook pack in many states}

Finally Done Now Enjoy Unlimited Free 3G On your Airtel Sim . So this all about Hammer VPN Airtel Free 3G Trick . Got any Problem ? Comment Below.

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